1. Just took your “urban edibles” course with Vancouver trade school. Was great, thanks!

    Wrote you a quick haiku:
    All around us grows,
    Abundance for the harvest.
    Urban foraging 🙂


    1. Nice! Thanks for the poem and thanks so much for coming out to the course! I had such a great time with the group. I love how excited people are about foraging and medicinal plants. Enjoy the abundance!


  2. I just read your article on green walnuts. Not that I can find them here (Colorado), but I’m still not clear on one point. Since the walnut is a drupe, there is a fleshy husk, then the shell, then the nut. Which of these parts do you use when making nocino or even pickled green walnuts? Do you use or discard the husk? The shell?

    Thanks for clarifying!


    1. Hi Richard,
      it’s actually the entire thing. When it’s green it is soft enough to cut through. You just cut them in quarters and put them in vodka to macerate. Once the shell starts to harden you can’t use them. Timing is everything!

      When they’re soft, you can eat the whole thing pickled or in chutney. The chutney is amazing. There’s a link at the bottom of the page.

      Look out for them in the Spring!
      Happy foraging,


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