1. Hi! I’m new to BC and love the foraging info you have so far. I’m wondering if you have any info on the rosehips on the UBC campus? They’re HUGE, bigger than any rosehips I’ve seen before, and right now they’re bright red. I gave them a little taste and they’re sweet and tart, but I didn’t dare eat much. If you’re looking for something to write on in the fall I’d love to hear about them!


    1. I’ve been meaning to do a rose post for ages, so thanks for the reminder! Those super jumbo rose hips are called rosa rugosa and they are super yummy. The only part of roses to avoid (besides the thorns) are the seeds inside the hips. You don’t want to eat the seeds because they’re covered in tiny hairs that will irritate your intestines and cause discomfort. I love having a nibble on those rose hips whenever I have the chance! Packed with vitamin C and pectin they are super good for you. Some people remove the seeds and candy the hips or dry them. They can be cooked in a syrup or with some water/juice for jam – just strain out the seeds. I will do a rose post soon!
      Thanks so much for reading!


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