Butchery & Charcuterie

If you want to learn butchery skills (meat cutting), homemade sausage making or the art of charcuterie, here’s a list of local businesses that offer classes throughout the year. If you can’t find the class you want scheduled, call your preferred shop and request it. I’m sure they would love to hear from you!

Workshops & Supplies

Save on Meats

“At Save On Meats we we offer many culinary classes that are interactive and fun!  Taught by our dedicated and knowledgable instructors, you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks along with taking home samples of what you made during class.”

Sample list of classes offered: Poultry Butchery, Beginner Bacon and Sausage Class 101, Sausage Making and the Art of Charcuterie 102, Canning and Preserving.
Class Length: 2.5 – 3 hours
Costs: $75 – $95

They also offer a ‘book-a-buddy’ incentive-  Email classes@saveonmeats.ca to get to the promo code for 15% off your class for parties of 2 or more..

43 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

Harkness & Co

“The Harkness and Co. butcher shop and training annex prides itself in providing the finest meat and poultry to the local community and restaurants, as well as providing training classes in various food production techniques.”

Sample list of classes offered: Hog Butchering Class, Sausage Making 101, Wine Tasting 101.
Class Length: 2.5 – 3 hours
Costs: $85 – $160

666 East Broadway, Vancouver BC


Big Lou’s

Inspired by Old World butcheries and bistros, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop satisfies discerning carnivores with a focus on fresh, sustainable and local meats. Recently, Two Chefs butchers began sharing their carving know-how in small, group-focused two-hour classes which cover a variety of facets of the art and craft of butchery.

Sample list of classes offered: Sausage Making 101, Deer & Elk Class, Whole Hog Butchery.
Class Length: 2.5 – 3 hours
Costs: $175

269 Powell Street, Vancouver BC



“Learn how to make wild sausages, and take some home to share with your friends. Be warned: no matter how much wild game sausage you make, you will want to have more in your freezer. You will learn everything you need to know to make delicious sausages for your freezer. We will enjoy some music, laughs, and dinner together too. Sausage seminars will be held regularly over the year.

Class is $95 for the evening. This includes dinner, many laughs, and 4 pounds of organic sausage for you to take home. Keep in mind that wine and classic vinyl records go well with sausage making. We will eat dinner around 7:00 with some snacks before hand.”

Curious about game hunting? “New and experienced hunters alike will enjoy getting together to discuss, prepare and dine on ethically harvested game meat. If you don’t know if you are ready to take the next step, why not join us for an enjoyable evening and see what EatWild is all about.”

Sample list of classes offered: Wild Sausage Seminar. They also provide hunting certification courses like CORE (Conservation & Outdoor Recreation Education), Firearms Safety, and Hunter Field Skills.
Class Length: 5 hours, includes dinner and snacks.
Costs: $95
Location: Sausage making is usually held at Harkness & Co Butchers at 666 East Broadway in Vancouver BC.
Schedule: about once a month. Check the EatWild schedule.

453 East 31st, Vancouver BC.


Stuffers Supply Company

Based in Langley BC, Stuffers has been around since 1995 when they just processed and sold sausage casings. They have since expanded their business to sell everything a budding sausage maker could ever need because people were asking for it. They also offer classes with “Old Word” sausage makers. You can buy on-line from their website or at their shop. They also have a huge pdf recipe document available for free on their website!

22958 Fraser Highway, Langley BC


Homesteader’s Emporium

Vancouver Homesteader’s Emporium aims to provide Vancouver residents with a convenient, one-stop shop where they can find know-how and supplies for a wide range of do-it-yourself urban homesteading projects. The store will promote rediscovering lost skills through educational programs and community events, offering tools for healthier, more self-sufficient living, and good clean fun. Check the website for workshops and events, or buy on-line if you can’t make it in to the lovely shop.

649 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

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