Homesteading, Gardening & Sustainable Living


Homesteader’s Emporium

Vancouver Homesteader’s Emporium aims to provide Vancouver residents with a convenient, one-stop shop where they can find know-how and supplies for a wide range of do-it-yourself urban homesteading projects. The store will promote rediscovering lost skills through educational programs and community events, offering tools for healthier, more self-sufficient living, and good clean fun. Check the website for workshops and events, or buy on-line if you can’t make it in to the lovely shop.

649 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC


UBC Farm

Embodying UBC’s aspirations to be a “living laboratory,” the UBC Farm engages learners of all ages, from preschool through to faculty researchers. The farm is home to a range of research projects and university courses. Community involvement is integrated throughout its Children’s Learning Garden, Aboriginal programming, farm markets, and volunteer program.


Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens is a team of urban farmers for hire who specialize in transforming all types of urban space for food production. As no two spaces are the same, neither are the gardens grown. Victory Garden’s goal is to enable people to grow food by providing all the necessary educational tools and infrastructure for successful harvests.


VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden provides an inspiring and enjoyable environment for visitors of all ages and interests. With its excellent collections and the beauty of their display, the Garden promotes knowledge and understanding of the world of plants and their fundamental importance to life.

They offer and host many events and workshops related to gardening and sustainable living.


Means of Production Artists Raw Resource Collective

Located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, Means of Production (MOP) garden was created in 2002 by artist Oliver Kellhammer, in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) and the Vancouver Parks Board. Kellhammer’s original conception was to create an ‘open source’ landscape where people could experiment growing their own botanical materials for art and craft use and for the garden to be a community ‘hub’ where ongoing investigations into art and ecology would take place.


The Urban Weaver Project

Connecting weavers with nature in the city. They offer weekly weaving circles and other cool special events, like bike-basket weaving.  Join a harvesting session removing invasive species from Stanley Park and learn to weave. Most events are free and open to all.


The Soap Dispensary

The inspiration for The Soap Dispensary was born from a desire to reduce our plastic footprint. Our cozy shop on Main Street in the Riley Park neighbourhood gives Vancouver residents the opportunity to get household and personal care products without adding plastic containers to our landfills and waterways. In keeping with the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) we emphasize reducing and reusing first and recycling as a last resort. Bring in your own clean containers or pay a small deposit fee to use one of ours and reuse them over and over.

They have an amazing selection of oils, butters, and plant extracts needed to make your own soaps, salves and creams. Great selection of containers, including small brown tincture bottles. Inexpensive “how-to” workshops offered regularly.


The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)

Founded in 1969, The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) is a non-profit charitable organization that addresses environmental issues in British Columbia, with a particular focus on urban communities in the Lower Mainland and the Georgia Basin. Through our public education programs and advocacy work, SPEC works hard to raise public awareness on environmental issues and encourage policies and practices that lead to urban sustainability.

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