Hunting – Sourdough Loaf

Urban Huntress Tip

Buy the Pohl’s sourdough loaf at No Frills. It’s super d-lish and super cha-eep. Soft on the inside with a slightly chewy crust and subtle sour flavour. The ingredients list is straight forward with nothing containing a disturbing quantity of syllables and it’s only $1.99 ($1.00 when a couple days old)! Use it to make divine French toast or bread pudding, or slice it thick and slather with soft butter. It freezes well, so buy a couple when it’s discounted and stock up.

Pohl’s sourdough $1.99

Just a little bit of that bread-shaped goodness that makes life worth living.

No Frills is not where you go for an enchanting shopping experience, but they have some excellent deals. They also sell a good selection of Oliver’s Bread at much lower prices than anywhere else.

Urban Huntress Tips: I also recommend the No Name canned whole artichoke hearts for $2.29. It’s the absolute best price anywhere and they’re excellent quality from Spain. At No Frills you can also buy the giant bottles of Bolthouse Farm carrot juice for only $4.99. That’s $2-$3 cheaper than any other retailer (they also sell the green one and the strawberry-banana one).

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