Sandorkraut workshops added!

UBC Farm has just opened registration for three fermentation workshops with Sandor Ellix Katz! January 30th, 31st and Feb 1st.


The workshops are at UBC Farm and cost $25 plus tax. They are filling up fast! Eeek! Feb 1st is already sold out!

See my previous post for info on a free talk by Sandor on Jan 31st at UBC and a book-signing at Barbara Jo’s Books-to-Cooks Feb 2nd.

UBC Famr also has loads of other cool workshops coming up in January and February (cheese-making, bread-baking, kombucha-bubbling), so have a good look! I recommend David Asher Rotsztain’s cheese workshops. He makes the techniques seem so accessible that you’ll be inspired and actually go home and…wait for it…..make some cheese! I sure did. His workshops are a great way to get the cheese-ball rolling.

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